Honeymoon to Ireland (2018) – I think we did it right

From June 1 - June 10, we set out for Ireland with almost no plans other than the plane tickets that we booked, and we had the time of our lives.

Time or Money?

Money is relative, but Time on the other hand, is absolute. | Click to continue reading >>

The MYC Study – Austen Lane

This week's episode is with Austen Lane, former NFL player turned MMA fighter who is competing in Dana White's Contender Series coming up. Thanks for listening!

Gift of Existence

How simple is that? Just to be alive. People reproach us for discovering it. Is it jealousy? But we must be unapologetic in that feeling.  You can’t be ashamed of that.

The MYC Study – Ben Provisor

"I know when I am 100% prepared, the only person that can stop me, is me."

The MYC Study – Janel McCarville

Sacrifice, daily schedule, routines, visualization, struggles, teamwork, peer leadership. Janel McCarville thinks there are undeniably valuable lessons to be learned from a 14 year professional sports career.

The MYC Study – Jordan McCabe

"If the best thing I do in my lifetime is play basketball, then I've failed." - Jordan McCabe

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