JAMES GOLLON (Ohio University) – The Master Your Craft Study – Ep1

Hey blog-fam!

I have been working hard on a research project, or case study if you will, on the more intricate processes behind athletic excellence: THE MASTER YOUR CRAFT STUDY

Over the last few weeks, I have been recording long-form (30-50 min) interview style shows with high-achieving PLAYERS, COACHES, and TRAINERS in various sports. These interviews are part of a larger project that myself and several close friends are working on. We plan to interview hundreds of people in hopes of identifying, and organizing, some of the outlying factors that contribute to athletic excellence. Some of the common questions bring rise to topics like time, grit, mentorship, adversity, fears & anxieties, sacrifice, routines, mindset, and personal development. 

Although this podcast will probably be most intriguing to dedicated sports participants or fans, I believe that ‘sports-minded’ people have a wonderfully unique perspective that most of us could learn something from.

If you’re not into podcast listening or youtube watching, then please disregard the notifications when you see the episode title pop up on your feed.

I will still be doing my normal blogging as well, but until we have our MYC website up and running, I will be posting them here. (I hope that’s the right thing to do!).

The show notes are below.

The Youtube version of the recording is below.

It can also be found on Apple podcasts, subscription style (we feel big time now, haha). That way you can have 30+ minutes of my voice downloaded and waiting for you every time we record a show. Wow, scary, hah!

As always, I appreciate everyone who’s been clicking the share button and spreading these posts to the people you know could benefit from them. It means the world to me that so many people have found my messages worthwhile. I hope that I can continue to make a positive impact.

Feedback is ALWAYS welcome.

Love you all,


Show Notes:


GUEST: James Gollon | Basketball Player | R-Sophomore at Ohio University


  • Adversity – injuries, mental health
  • Flow States – how does James get in the zone
  • Headspace – nature, facing reality, perspective, habits
  • Success – James’ breakthrough season
  • Be Present – live in the moment Books – The Alchemist (Paulo Coehlo), Mind Gym (Gary Mack)
  • Healthy Routines – developing mindful habits


  • Grit
  • Basketball to Business
  • Advice to the younger you

Thanks for listening! Advice for us? Questions? Know someone who we should have on the show? HIT US UP! We love interacting with people in the MYC Family.

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