Off the Cheap-end

Oh, there’s hope, eh?

Gone off the deep-end on the cheap-end, once and for all?

Maybe folks are figuring it out.
A local Walmart closed it doors for good recently.

Walmart closing?
Could this be? The need, the plea, for Quality?

Tired of our things breaking in 2 days. 
We should trade our plastic for steel. Spend a little more $ on items that will last!

Walmart closing.
The sign that we’re headed back to better days. American-made. Finer craftsmanship.

But, wait.
All those people
that used to be Walmart loyals.
They’ve purchased Prime.

Bezos, the king copycat.
Same ole’ Walmart, different name,
where “the best” of the Cheap-End products get 5-stars, incentivize our great reviews, and ship for free in 2-days time… lasting just about that long before they malfunction.

“Order another one.”

“What’s on TV?”

The laze deepens.


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